10 basic rights of all freelance

Do we have rights when we decided to work on our own? Of course! Here we present them.

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Whether you consider new freelance or take longer time to doing, but still struggling some battles with your customers these are your basic rights:


1. Having a clear and concise brief. Always signed.

The customer is an expert in asking for changes as they are happening. For this reason, It is very important before you begin a project, is established in writing everything that will lead to the realization of the work. Likewise, It must be accepted and signed by the client, so then there is no bitter moments for both parties.


2. Ask for a down payment.

Nobody likes to collect, but we all have to stand for something. The advance is a guarantee, both for you and for the customer, you will need to get a result at the end of the project.


3. Demanding deadlines to receive content.

The content is the primary part of all project, because without it, cannot run anything. In the quotation or contract sets a time limit to receive content and specifies that it will start work once the content and material is delivered by the customer.


4. Have fixed working hours and that they paid overtime.

Being self-employed is as valid as being paid. You have the right to have a schedule of work as well as right to social life. It indicates to your clients what are your hours of work and in case a project is very urgent, cash it as such. Remember that your time costs, rating! because no one else will.


5. Although the project is cancelled.

The importance of the advance of the previous point applies also for these cases. There are times that the projects are cancelled out by x or and reason. Set in the contract a clause that mentions that if the project is cancelled for the reason that is, paid hours worked, as well as the expenses involved for its realization.


6. Labour and travel expenses to be paid.

If the project in which you will work includes making travel and expenses relevant, look at them in the quote and include or specifies that you will be charged separately, but take them into account.


7. Limit the use of revisions and changes.

It clarifies what are the limits for revisions and changes, and if that requires additional provisions, of course you can do!, but of course, any extra change cause fees.


8. Are counted as working hours meetings.

Meetings with customers are covered within your workday, so we must not abuse this resource, because in addition to that is an indicator of poor communication and organization with the client, consume time that well you could use it in working on the project. Get productive meetings, clear and efficient. Carry a checklist with you so that you don't forget any point and everything is cleared up and in that meeting.


9. Choose when a work will not be charged.

From time to time you will receive proposals for doing free jobs (is a good sign, because it shows that they like your work), but sometimes these proposals will rather abuse. So use your discretion and don't be afraid to say no. You can do a job without charge, for example, a Civil Association or a charitable cause, as well as your niece birthday invitations. Do not take it as a loss, rather, as an investment in advertising.


10. Having a close relationship with your computer than with any living being.

Your computer, as well as all your gadgets that you use to carry out projects, they are your most precious resources, because with them you generate income. So unless you do not marry a magnate of the Forbes list, you do not have a right to care for nothing more than your fabulous work resources.


Now, Please present these rights belonging to. Set the desktop background, record them so you never forget them.

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